Examples of Work


CCTV or Closed Circuit Television refers to a visible or covert video system intended for only a limited number of viewers. In Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), the picture is viewed or recorded, but not broadcast. It was initially developed as a means of security for banks and casinos; however, today it has been developed to the point where it is simple and inexpensive enough to be used with Home Security Systems, and for everyday surveillance.

Inductive Loops

Vehicle detection loops, called an inductive loop, can detect vehicles passing or arriving at a certain point, for instance approaching a traffic signal or in motorway traffic. An insulated, electrically conducting loop is installed in the pavement. This type of detection is typically used with traffic signals, electric gates, and security applications and as counting measures of traffic.

LED Lighting

The rapid development in LED lighting technology over the last few years has changed the dynamics of the global lighting market. Improved brightness, lower energy consumption and longer life spans offered by LED lights have led industrial, commercial and even residential consumers to increasingly adopt LED lights.